a red kite cries over Rose Hill cemetery

The snow lies longer in the cemetery, slush-hushing and slippery under my boots, compelling me to take penguin steps, sadly comic middle-aged man waddling unsteady, slightly sweaty within a formless winter coat. I don’t want to fall here on this incline of etched dates and their named victims so I stop, cork-screwing my feet into … Continue reading a red kite cries over Rose Hill cemetery

falco peregrinus

On a solitary walk on a simple spring day a cruciform figure dominates the sky, hanging over the precipice ready to claim unknowing souls. Below, worn down on a tide-threatened beach, I might see a holy portent: 'in hoc signo vinces', and a new God waiting to be crowned to rule over an old, autumnal … Continue reading falco peregrinus

one little life

“CHATCK CHATCK CHATCK”, his mother’s urgent warnings were too late. Little Jack was already dangerously low over the road. He banked, frantically flapping to regain height, but he was inexperienced. An older bird would have quickly landed and weaved between the vehicles. They weren’t moving fast, departing traffic casting final glances at my shadows. So […]