mostly okay

Alarm clock brings for what the morning clings. Early dawn's fight breaks a good dream's night and I rub my wise, wonder where time lies tumbling out of head. Pour hot coffee out. Drips drip from the doubt, fill my coffee sup to the brim and up. Gulp it hurriedly town in my dressing gown... … Continue reading mostly okay


salt and sauce

So you're both light and dark, taste sweet when you're sour, chase all hope to despair and all the way back? And there's a field of green tears for an injury-time winner: salt and sauce pal? With the sweet smile of reason fixed in a dark-stained tenement grin, a woman gives free hugs to all, … Continue reading salt and sauce

Skomer in May

her flowers in the morning bluebells freed from forgotten trees by ancient civilisation drift to the wild ocean, Atlantic rocks crested by waves of defiant white campion --- her manxies by daylight in among the beauty lie little bags of bones, victims of the bright night, as scattered mourning stones --- her greater black-backeds remote … Continue reading Skomer in May