to a whale lost on a beach

Why have you come to this place? There is no peace here, there never can be. The frightened air fills with steam from within you, you like an industrial relic from a bygone shore. My kind extracted your past lives unkind for a good many nights all the lights on our street, our dining room … Continue reading to a whale lost on a beach



What are you thinking, little cat? It's so hard to tell. You purr and pounce, I tickle your tummy and the world seems well. But now what is it, little cat? Filling you with fear. I move an inch, you run a mile when shadows step near. Was it a bad dream, little cat? That … Continue reading sanza

Skomer in May

her flowers in the morning bluebells freed from forgotten trees by ancient civilisation drift to the wild ocean, Atlantic rocks crested by waves of defiant white campion --- her manxies by daylight in among the beauty lie little bags of bones, victims of the bright night, as scattered mourning stones --- her greater black-backeds remote … Continue reading Skomer in May

one little life

“CHATCK CHATCK CHATCK”, his mother’s urgent warnings were too late. Little Jack was already dangerously low over the road. He banked, frantically flapping to regain height, but he was inexperienced. An older bird would have quickly landed and weaved between the vehicles. They weren’t moving fast, departing traffic casting final glances at my shadows. So […]