a carrion crow sings Beethoven’s Fifth

A carrion crow on a chimney pot sings the opening of Beethoven's Fifth Symphony. It's a high soprano rendition and a bit croaky, but instantly recognisable. I continue humming until I forget how it goes. The crow has already flown off.



I wake as a cat. And stretch out a leg of flexing paw, uncurled claw. There is no one here to see me rise. Save the sun. I circle once, twice and settle back. I bask in an easy arc. Warmth envelopes me. Breathes. Soft. Through fur and sinew. I turn to face the sun. … Continue reading morning

dawn at Cantick Head Lighthouse

Moments flow faster than I can write them down. While the night-long conversations of lighthouses safely hush into a velvet-grey dawn, over South Ronaldsay low clouds gather and brim with fire. They seem to tell of an unearthly conflagration out in the North Sea, beyond the horizon, somewhere near Valhalla. And the clouds fleetingly present a … Continue reading dawn at Cantick Head Lighthouse