Sanza poem pic

What are you thinking, little cat?
It’s so hard to tell.
You purr and pounce,
I tickle your tummy
and the world seems well.

But now what is it, little cat?
Filling you with fear.
I move an inch,
you run a mile
when shadows step near.

Was it a bad dream, little cat?
That I now recall.
You scuttle scared
across the room,
out into the hall.

What’s going on with my little cat?
I can tell where you’re been.
So I change the bedding
and close the door,
fill the washing machine.

You do know you’re safe, little cat?
And what’s done is done.
But memory tells you
humans are vengeful
and now it’s time to run.

But where can you run, little cat?
Hiding in plain view.
If you settle down
and let me get close,
I will hide with you.

So where are we now, little cat?
All safely hidden away.
You reach out soft paws
to touch my hand
and so gently make my day.


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