the batcatcher

Dippy alert in half shadow

Tell me what do you think little cat?
About what it’s like to be a bat?
I can’t stop one to ask.
They fly high and too fast.
But you caught them with a leap despite that.


Inspired by a little tortoiseshell cat called Dippy (1998-2016) who caught bats, rats, mice, starlings, blackbirds, pied wagtails, blue tits, dragonflies, frogs, goldfish and probably more.

I could only ever guess what she thought or felt about things. Although her deep purrs and range of other expressive sounds seemed have meanings that made sense in human terms, fundamentally it was impossible to experience the world as she did – to know what it was like to be her.

Do read Thomas Nagel’s seminal 1974 essay What is it like to be a bat? for a more thoughtful introduction to philosophical issues of consciousness.

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