I wake as a cat.

And stretch out a leg of flexing paw, uncurled claw.

There is no one here to see me rise. Save the sun.

I circle once, twice and settle back. I bask in an easy arc.

Warmth envelopes me. Breathes. Soft. Through fur and sinew.

I turn to face the sun. Semilucent lids immerse.

Time may be all times for now.

A gust breezes in; twitches my nostrils, tickles my chin. Whiskers flick-flicker, half caught in a killing dream.

Scents and vibrations. The air buzzes with abundance.

Roses hang honey-thick, lavenderous delights, sweet decaying leaves, the earthy smell of fish and dragonflies, fungi, youthful weeds. They are all tangled together.

I have them all. A busy dunnock hops beneath a blackbird’s careful eye, a magpie laughs at a pair of barking fools.

And the swaying trees are full of song.

The sun shines everlasting. It washes all over.

I roll and rejoice; pray with my belly to the world. This feels like immortality.


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