haikus inspired by a photograph


sunlit Sint Jacob

inside a tavern of trolls

stood out in the square


bright morning street scene

invaded by disorder

of nightly pleasures


in one dark corner

of a city’s open space

grins a diseased mouth


teeth like loose cobbles

beneath spirit-clouded eyes

can only look down


deep Trollekelder

interior hidden by

insubstantial light


ghosts in camera

appear more solid than coins

for a round of beers


a fat drunk old man

dancing in fairground mirrors

from his slim childhood


what a big red nose

like priestly communion wine

leaking from a glass


sad window cleaner

excommunicated soul

of removed stained panes


white van undriven

disinterested tourists

can’t edit it out


a new photograph

frees an ageing shop dummy

into memory


reflections captured

by Miss Julia Potter

Gent 2016


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